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Not in a boxLimited Edition Nots in boxes from Ashley Lloyd

The original conceptual piece started with No 9 public exhibition in July 2003.
Each year the artist, Ashley Lloyd, will be giving out “nots” at shows and exhibitions for individuals to personalise and return, to be added to the original conceptual piece “Not in a box!?”

If you would like to join this ever increasing group please e-mail us your interest and we will forward details of future events so that you can come along, meet the artist and collect your “not”.

Ashley’s “nots” – Limited edition

Ashley Lloyd has personally designed a limited edition of 100 “nots” which are available for you to own. Each not will be sealed in its box, titled, numbered and signed by Ash.

Undecorated "not in a box"

For those who would like to own an undecorated “not in a box” - leave it plain or express your individuality and decorate it yourself.

Commission a "not in a box"

Commission one of the Lying Cheetah artists to decorate a “not” for you. Suggest a theme, and once completed your “not”, signed by the artist, will be sent to you.

This page is currently being revamped, our shop will be open again for business on the 1st November 2009.

Footer for Ashley Lloyd, conceptual artist based in Herefordshire UK