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Horn Chair (H42) : A 42 position love chair for two or more occupants: Artist - Ash

Horn Chair - H42

Causing a storm of interest, start to discover what the fuss is all about.

The need : For apparatus which will enable even the awkward to to become sexual gymnasts.

The concept : To create a piece of furniture which enables occupants to make love in 42 different sexual positions by providing grip, purchase and support. It should be a beautiful piece of furniture and not something which caters for extremists, ie. you can have it in the lounge.

Concept 2 : Price £250,000

Concept 3 : Its own website – coming soon!?

Quote : “Perhaps if we had spent the last hundred years developing ourselves and not our productivity maybe such things would be as common as cars – all they do is get you to and from work! Pollute, depreciate, damage thousands, are sold annually some for more than £250,000."

Click on the thumb nails for some different views of the chair, on display, and with different covers.

Horn Chair on show
Fur Horn Chair
Tartan Horn Chair
Red Leather Horn Chair
Horn Chair Top Trumps
Poster of Horn Chair

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