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Ashley Lloyd

With many works in progress here are a selection of Ash's recent exhibits that have been causing a stir...

Not in a Box
Just a little peace
Horn Chair
Not in a box!?
Just a little peace!?
Horn Chair
Soul doubt
Soul doubt
Tower of babble
Soul doubt!?
Tower of babble!?
Our Weh
Hanging around
Photo sin this is?
Hanging around!?
Photo sin this is!?
You'll do
Not in a Box
You'll do!?
Thinking Allowed!?

Ashley Lloyd is a conceptual artist based in Herefordshire. His most recent exhibition was the Love Art exhibtion in London where he displayed the now famous ‘Horn Chair’ along with other pieces that cut through the endless babble that is modern information and ask us to question our perceptions.

This web site allows you to see samples of Ashley’s work.

You can also see details of up and coming exhibitions and shortly will have the opportunity to buy limited editions of Ashley’s work through Lying Cheetah – including replicas of the Horn Chair made to your own specifications (coming soon - get in touch to show an interest now!) and T shirts which you can customise on line!

The aim is also to make this web site as interactive as possible. If you have anything to say about the work shown here, or would just like to exchange ideas – please write to us.

Words by Sharon Kidson - Business Advisor

"There is no power in isolation".

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